Edu Tech Boom's online IT training courses cover a wide range of topics, including software development, data analytics, cybersecurity, and project management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that you may have about EduTechBoom:

Is the Trainer of EduTechBoom qualified enough ?

Yes, the trainers at EduTechBoom are highly qualified and experienced professionals in the IT industry. They have extensive knowledge in their respective fields and possess the skills necessary to deliver high-quality education and training services. Additionally, the trainers at EduTechBoom are committed to keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in the industry, ensuring that their students receive the most relevant and up-to-date information. The company's rigorous hiring and training process ensures that only the best trainers are selected to teach its courses, providing students with the assurance that they are receiving a high-quality education from experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Can I attend a demo class for free ?

Yes, according to your information, EduTechBoom provides the first demo class for free while charging ₹500 for 3 demo classes. This is a common practice among IT training companies, as it allows potential students to get a feel for the courses and teaching style before committing to a full program. The cost of demo classes may vary from company to company, but it is always a good idea to inquire about their policies and procedures before enrolling in any course.

Am I allowed to modify the Program that I purchased?

EduTechBoom allow students to modify or switch the program they purchased to meet their individual needs and goals. However, this may be subject to certain terms and conditions, such as a deadline for making changes or restrictions on the number of modifications allowed. If you are interested in modifying your program.

Can I get Hard Copy of Course Material?

Yes, EduTechBoom provides unique course material for each course at a cost of ₹2000 per course. EduTechBoom allows students to have access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive materials for their studies. The Average cost of course materials is ₹2000 per courses, It may vary from Course to Course. The investment in course materials can provide a valuable resource for students and help to enhance their learning experience.

How can I contact the company once I have paid the fees

Once you have paid the fees for a course at EduTechBoom, you can contact the company using a variety of methods. Some common ways to get in touch with the company include:

   1.  Email:   You can send an email to the company's support or inquiry address to ask questions or raise concerns.

   2.  Phone:   You can call the company's customer support hotline to speak with a representative. +91- 8802078508

   3.  Online Chat:   Many IT training companies, including EduTechBoom, may offer an online chat support service for quick and convenient assistance.

   4.  Social Media:   You can reach out to the company through its social media accounts for additional support.

   5.  Student Portal:   Some companies, like EduTechBoom, may also have a student portal where you can log in and access resources, such as course materials, and get support from instructors or peers.

It is always a good idea to have the company's contact information readily available, so you can get in touch with them quickly and easily.

What courses does EduTechBoom offer?

Yes, according to your information, EduTechBoom offers various IT, animation, and digital marketing training courses. This is a common approach among IT training companies, as it allows them to provide a wide range of training options to meet the needs and interests of a diverse student population. Offering multiple courses also provides students with the opportunity to develop a well-rounded skill set, and to explore different areas of technology and digital media. If you are interested in enrolling in a specific course, it is best to reach out to EduTechBoom directly to inquire about the available options and to confirm the course details..View Courses

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